Who Am I ?

Hisako Nakata Fuhlberg

* Chako is my nick name.
My maiden name is Nakata.

Berlin, Germany
London, England
Fukuoka, Japan

About me

For ten years I worked as a graphic designer at international software companies in Japan.
Designing templates, advertisements, catalogues, packages, manuals, splash screens, pop-up windows, icons, etc. for several software products.
For two years I worked at a product design company in England as a Graphic designer.
For two years I have been localising artworks of European (western and eastern) languages as well as of Japanese, Chinese and Korean in various formats (Adobe CS, Power Point, etc.) for international markets.
Since moving to Germany, I have worked as a Freelance Graphic/Web designer. Creating Logo, stationery, website, landing page for Fluento(www.fluento.com) online language school, also QA for Axicon and softpress in UK. My core responsibilities included graphic realisation of product, brand images and their consistent designs across different versions.

I have substantial experience in:
- Graphic Design
- Software Localization, Software testing
- Typesetting (multilingual DTP)

My Valuable Clients

Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Client: Holländische Fussballschule

hollaendische-fussballschule.de, 2018, Overall Project Responsibility, Web Design, Wordpress Setup / Templating, Responsive, Requirements Management (SEO, Brand, Design, ..), Communication with Stakeholder

hollaendische-fussballschule.de, 2018, Gesamte Projektverantwortlichkeit, Web Design, Wordpress Setup/Templating, Responsive, Management der Anforderungen (SEO, Marke, Design,..), Kommunikation mit den Stakeholder

Responsive Design
24x7 Support
Well Documented

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Client: Oranje Berlin

oranjeberlin.de, 2017, Football Association, Web Design, Wordpress Setup / Templating, Responsive, Project Responsibility.

oranjeberlin.de, 2017, Fussball Verein, Web Design, Wordpress Setup/Templating, Responsive, Projektverantwortung.

Responsive Design
24x7 Support
Well Documented

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My work experience

London, England

Graphic designer

Colebrook-Bosson-Saunders is known for high end industrial design products in the B2C
• Create + update the website (HTML, CSS, Flash animations)
• Print: creating instructions for products, brochures, ads, Posters, presentation films
• Powerpoint design for the management

Colebrook-Bosson-Saunders ist bekannt für High End Industriedesign Produkte im B2C
• Erstellen + Aktualisieren der Website (HTML, CSS, Flash-Animationen)
• Print: Erstellen von Anleitungen für Produkte, Broschüren, Anzeigen, Plakate, Präsentationsfilme
• Powerpoint Design für die Geschäftsführung

Multilingual DTP operator
Aradco VSI - London
Aradco is a renowned advertising agency with a focus on internationalization
• Typesetting international artworks of foreign languages
(Chinese, Japanese, European languages, Russian, Arabic...).
• Artworks covered: packages, brochures, catalogues, advertisements, websitesand presentations.
• Cultural adjustments
• Main clients ranged from Adidas, MTV, GlaxoSmithKline, Discovery Channel, Wedge Wood, Cadburys...

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Graphic designer
Software company - SystemSoft Japan - Fukuoka, Japan
Systemsoft did localize the softwares for Macintosh. Adobe products, Micromediaproducts, QuarkXpress, Claris products, Symantec products.
• Design advertisements, catalogues, packaging, brochures, posters, CD-labelsand manuals.
• Graphical realisation of product and brand images and their consistant design across different versions. (Post de Card, Systemsoft electric Dictionary, ChakkariKakei note).

DesignEXchange (http://dex.ne.jp) is a digital artwork distributor (images, templates, photos, illustrations, ..) for professional designers and demanding end users
• Design advertisements, catalogues, packaging, brochures, posters, CD-labelsand manuals.
• Brand redesign of software packages which resulted in increased sales. (Super-GU series).
• Management of the production of sample graphics for softwares the samesoftware from Systemsoft's "Post de Card 98".

Contact / Hire Me

My Work Location and contact infomation

Email: chako@fuhlberg.de

Berlin, Germany